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Looking for work.

2009-05-11 11:46:31 by Kristal-Dragoness

I'm looking for some VA skits to do. I don't care what it is, just give me something to do.

My animation has been on halt til I re-teach myself flash. This is why I don't like being forced to stop on projects, I have a history to forget things. The comic version of the flash has been halted aswell since I screw up on the script big time.

Other news:

Happy late mother's day.

I have a Xbox360 Elite now, I didn't know Halo 3 would be fun but I still like Fable II and DOA4 better. >> Might get Guitar Hero when I get me a job.


2009-01-27 06:03:53 by Kristal-Dragoness

College, isn't what I expected... its too damn expencive, I night gotta quit even though I started in Sept 08.

I'm currently taking commissions to pay for college, any and every is going to be $5. Donations will be thankful.

My DA account if you want some references.

ChaosRyu Prologue's coming along although its at 23.7% Since I'm being rushed on my homework that's the least I can do atm.

Voice Actors.... still working out dialogue so that will take a while. I'm currently volenteering myself to be a freelance VA for anyone on NG or DA. So if ya want to look me up go rihght ahead.

A Swing and a Miss.

2008-06-28 02:26:15 by Kristal-Dragoness

So basically I promised my movie, I donno last year(sometime then I think), and then school slapped me in the face. I'm college bound and I still don't know how to work photoshop and what did I do... I forgot the whole thing. Also the animation program I have doesn't do flash or plays flash(can't use the uploader, joy). So until I can afford another Adobe product, I be stuck.

Also if anyone needs a high pitched character voice actor, count me in since its the only thing I can do at the time.

Alright Let's GO!!!

2007-10-15 01:42:12 by Kristal-Dragoness

Ok, I'm current;y working on my progect codenamed CR. It's based off my comic that is still going as slow as a snail. This will start to be updated. :D

Hi...I think

2007-07-24 04:02:48 by Kristal-Dragoness

Name's Kris...I'm an artist and a rookie animator...and that's all I got for now.